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Tuulilasiveljet Oy repairs a wide range of glass damage with experience and professionalism. In addition to cracks made by rocks, windscreens can have a variety of damage from scratches to wear and tear that interfere with driving comfort. We at Tuulilasiveljet map out the extent of the damage and repair it or, if necessary, replace it with a new windscreen.

Our premises are located in Espoo, but our service area also extends to Helsinki, Kirkkonummi and Vantaa.

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First aid for glass damage

Glass damaged or cracked by a stone impact should be brought to a professional for evaluation as soon as possible. As first aid for glass damage, we recommend cleaning the surface and using clear tape on the mark. The faster you react to glass damage, the more likely it can be serviced with fewer measures. So, if you want to get a windscreen repaired more cheaply and without replacing the entire screen, bring your vehicle to be repaired as soon as you notice the first marks.

Old windscreens should be replaced with a new one

In addition to external factors such as stone chips, damage can result from windscreen wear during normal use. When the surface wears out, visibility through the glass deteriorates, which affects driving comfort. Wear of the old windscreen is especially noticeable in sunny weather conditions when the sunlight passing through the glass dazzles considerably more compared to a new windscreen.

Periodic replacement of the windscreen significantly increases driving safety and comfort, even if there is no visible damage to the glass.

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Glass damage professional - at your service

Tuulilasiveljet Oy has been repairing and installing windscreens for more than ten years. When you bring your vehicle to be evaluated by our professionals, we carefully map out any possible damage and the necessary measures, while always taking into account the customer's needs and wishes.

After assessing the damage, you can leave your vehicle for repair with us. Our skilled team know how to choose the right option for your vehicle, which means that the installation will be handled appropriately and the result will be reliable.