Reliable windscreen calibrations from Tuulilasiveljet in Espoo

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Many modern windscreens have a camera that supports driving systems and needs to be calibrated when the windscreen is replaced. Tuulilasiveljet from Espoo has an experienced windscreen camera calibrator who works carefully and efficiently.

A properly calibrated windscreen increases the vehicle's driving comfort and significantly affects its safety. Contact us and ask more about our calibration services!

Calibration increases comfort

When replacing a windscreen, the camera must be recalibrated. Calibration ensures that the systems connected to your vehicle's windscreen are working properly. Therefore, it is important to have the calibration performed by a competent professional.

Experienced professionals at Tuulilasiveljet Oy calibrate the windscreen camera carefully and professionally. Calibration is usually a quick procedure that takes less than an hour, but the work required will depend upon the vehicle and its equipment.

Calibration ensures safe driving

When a windscreen is replaced, the associated operating systems must be recalibrated. The windscreen camera and sensors are often connected to driver assistance systems such as lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, windscreen displays and emergency braking systems.

All of these accessories increase driving safety, so crrect calibration is important. The new windscreen must be calibrated to meet the settings required by the systems.

If you have are cover by insurance for your windscreen and the damage requires replacement of the screen, calibration is part of the maintenance covered by the insurance. However, not all glass damage requires replacement of the windscreen, so no calibration is required then. Tuulilasiveljet Oy can also repair minor glass damage in the blink of an eye.

A Multi-talented team for windscreen repairs and installation

Tuulilasiveljet is a multi-talented team for windscreen repairs and installation. We have extensive experience in the field, which guarantees the efficient and high-quality execution of the work. We also provide our customers with low and competitive prices. Contact us  for more information. We will be happy to answer any questions!